Our Story

Motherhood was the necessity of invention in our case.

“I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one that needed a safe, simple, natural way to get cleaned up on the go! “
Karen Trenk, Founder

I started Handzies in 2016 because I wanted a way for my family to
wash our hands more, especially when we were out and about (which was
all the time). No one liked any of the other portable cleaning
options...baby wipes were something we were all past and goopy hand
sanitizing gels just smeared stuff around and left our hands dry and
smelling like a doctors office. Plus, I was worried about using too
many things with harsh chemicals especially when we were about to eat.

What I wanted was a portable sink but since that didn't
seem too feasible I started making my own wipes using castile
(olive-oil based) soap, water and essential oils. Once friends and
family found out that I was carrying my wipes around in a plastic bag
in my purse, they were forever asking me for “one of those wipes”
to clean up. Realizing I wasn't the only one that just wanted a
simple, natural way to get clean, Handzies was launched. Now
Handzies are produced at our commercial manufacturing site out in
sunny California and we're happy to provide everyone with a way to
get squeaky clean on the go!

What we believe

Keep ingredients “clean”
Using resources like EWG's Skin Deep database, we research our ingredients to make sure they are as clean and safe as possible.

Never test on animals
Handzies is a cruelty free product and will never be tested on animals.

Help protect the Earth
Handzies continues to look for ways to make the products as eco-friendly as possible.

Create fans from customers
We want you to love the product
and doing business with us

Squeaky Clean. No Sink Required.