Soap & Water Clean
Anytime, Anywhere

Soap & Water Based
Proprietary formula of Castile soap, water and essential oils

Natural Ingredients
No BZK, alcohol or other harsh chemicals

Packaged for Convenience
Individual packets or multi-use soft packs are ready on the go

We're on a mission...

For school lunches, in the car, at the park, on an airplane, while backpacking, before post-workout errand's so often you need a quick way to clean up when a sink isn't handy. Handzies is on a mission to get you soap and water clean, anytime, anywhere.

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Simple Ingredients

Unlike goopy hand sanitizing gels, Handzies soap and water formula leaves you feeling squeaky clean.

Finally, a natural way to clean up on the go.
Committment to Sustainability

We strive to ensure that we have the cleanest, highest-quality ingredients as well as eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing processes.