We are firm believers that when possible, hand washing at a sink is always the best choice.

We are also realists that know sinks aren’t always around when you need them! So if you can’t find a sink, Handzies can get you a “soap and water” approach to cleaning up while on the go.

Step 1: Wet and Lather
Handzies wipes are pre-saturated with purified water and soap. Simply open the package and remove the wipe.

Be sure to open the wipe up to it’s full size for maximum benefit.

Step 2: Scrub
Scrub your hands vigoursly paying special attention to the fingertips and between the fingers. Our wipes are thicker than others to support good scrubbing.

BTW – that yummy tangerine scent encourages you to spend more time scrubbing!

Step 3: Dispose
The Handzies towelettes material is biodegradable so please dispose of them separately from the outer wrapper that goes in the trash.

We want to keep Mother Earth healthy too!

“Handwashing with soap is one of the most important public health interventions in the world.”

How do Handzies compare?

Handzies Compare to Other Hand Wipes 1

Alcohol-based Wipes
With alcohol contents higher than a shot of whiskey, many feel these options are not great for children. They also dry out your skin and will sting any cut, scrape or crack you might have.

Handzies are free of harsh chemicals. Instead we use a simple, natural and gentle pure castile soap.

Alcohol-based Gel
These options do not provide a way to physically remove any germs or dirt. So if you have phycial matter on your hands or face you’d like to remove these aren’t a good option.

Handzies provides a super soft, biodegradable towlette to help wipe away dirt and germs.

handzies-better hand wipes 1

Baby Wipes
While baby wipes remove physical dirt and germs, carrying around a large package is cumbersome. Baby wipes quickly dry out once opened, especially if you just want to take one or two wipes with you.

Handzies individual packets are highly portable and always fresh.

“These wipes are ridiculously handy.”

– Andria Taylor, Review on Amazon