Because adventures are everywhere, but unfortunatly bathrooms are not.

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    Hiking or Camping

    Take some Handzies along to clean up in the great outdoors.

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    Eating on the go

    Include Handzies in your lunch bag so you can begin and finish your meal with squeaky clean hands.

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    Stash a few TSA-friendly, individually sealed, Handzies packets in your carryon to freshen up after a long trip.

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    Sports Bags

    Wipe off the sweat, dirt, chalk or even eye black after practice or a workout.

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    With Handzies, party guests don’t have to find a bathroom to clean up before eating.

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    Amusement Parks/Festivals

    When you’re on the go all day and bathrooms are few and far between.

Handzies wipes are perfect for

Handzies Tips

Keep a stash in your car for quick cleanups of unexpected messes. Gasoline on your hands, sticky spills in the car or even unexpected car sickness…you’ll be glad you have a simple, natural way to get cleaned up.

If you’re hosting a party or event, you can have Handzies out so guests can freshen up before enjoying the food. For kids birthday parties, it’s much faster than having them all wait in line for one sink!

When it’s hot outside, Handzies is the coolest refresher out there. Simply put some Handzies in your cooler for the big game, at the beach or picnic, or after an epic hike.

Your Stories

“Our family loves everything outdoors. When we are on vacation, chances are you will find us camping, hiking, mountain biking, or involved in some other outdoor activity where hands and faces do not stay clean!

That is where Handzies come in. We have used Handzies for years and make sure to pack several packets in the backpack on every family outing.

Before Handzies, we used hand sanitizer, which was very good at taking the dirt on our kids hands and spreading it around into a messy goo. Now, we take a few Handzies out of the pack and viola! Our kids’ faces and hands are clean – without the smell, mess, or sticky residue we used to put up with! Thank you Handzies!”

– The Milner Family, Austin, TX

Where will you use Handzies?