DIY-Cute and Simple “Save the Day” Gift Bags

Be a hero this holiday season with our simple gift bags or stocking stuffers. Perfect for teachers, friends, family and neighbors. Don’t forget to add Handzies!

We are always looking for a cute and simple gift idea during the holiday season.  Something we can put together for teacher gifts, friends, neighbors or just a little gift to use as a stocking stuffer.  This year we made these “Save The Day” bags filled with things that come in handy in a pinch.  We love the idea that these are not only cute but useful gifts and they will think of us every time we “save the day”!

Here’s a look at few we put together followed by how we assembled all our goodies and some other ideas on things that might be fun to include.

“Teachers are a Gift”

Teachers need to be ready for anything! They’ll appreciate some Handzies, so much better than harsh hand sanitizer. Also include stain remover pads, sewing kit, lint roller, band aids, Tums and maybe even stash a Starbucks gift card in there for an emergency coffee.

“Never Quit Kit”

For running buddies and gym squads. Include all the handy things they might need pre or post workout. Handzies are perfect for runners when port-o-potties are a fact of life, safety pins, ibuprofen, band aids, hair repair items, and some chocolate to celebrate a PR!


For all those friends you want to show you care this holiday season. These are great for teens or stocking stuffers as well.  Include Handzies, tissues, hair care items, lint remover, safety pins and how about tuck a thoughtful affirmation card in there for them to find!


All these items were either ordered (links below) or purchased at our local grocery store.  In many cases we bought larger or full-sized item and then cut it up to put in separate bags.  For instance, we bought one package of safety pins, pony tail holders, bobby pins, nail files, stain remover pads and then divided them up in our bags.  Here’s a look at some of our supplies.

  • Pouches– we bought ours from Mochi Things (search on pouches) , they have so many to choose from in cute styles and different price points.  Here is a set of 5 pouches for $13.99 on Amazon.  It might even be fun to decorate these on your own! You could also easily find little pouches at Target, Walmart or your grocery store.
  • Handzies- The MVP of the Save the Day Bag! Perfect for all sorts of unexpected, sticky, dirty messes or occasions when bathrooms aren’t available or look a little sketchy.  Sometimes we even use them when we don’t have time to shower but need to “freshen up”.
  • Shout Wipe and Go Packets– How many times have you wished you had one of these handy?
  • Rosebud Lip Salve– For a quick touchup of your lips or to tame unruly eyebrows.
  • Advil Individual Packets– You’ll be a hero for sure if someone needs an Advil!
  • Small Sewing Kit – you can buy these in packages of three for a better price.
  • Another cute item would be homemade roller balls filled with their favorite essential oil. Easy to make a set of these and even customize for each person.
  •  If you’re making a bag for teens with braces, you could include some dental wax for braces that are rubbing.
  • Items easily found in the travel section at your grocery store or Target- safety pins, pony tail holders, bobby pins, mints, band aids, toothpicks, dental floss.

Once we had all our items together, it took no time at all to assemble all our bags.  Super easy, cute and fun to customize for each person on your holiday list.  Happy Holidays!