Alcohol Sanitizers Linked to Alcohol Poisoning in Kids

One of the things I was most shocked by when researching hand cleaning options when I started Handzies was how harmful the alcohol based cleaners can be especially for kids. It makes me wonder why any company would go as far as making them “kid-friendly” by adding scents and glitter. 

Below are a list of articles I read that I thought were very interesting.  One quote I saw that stood out to me was from the webmd article below that states:

“You and I don’t have any problem sending our kids with hand sanitizer in their backpacks. But what if I told you that was twice as potent as vodka. That’s like a parent sending a bottle of whiskey or rum to school!”

NBC News- Hand Sanitizers Linked to Alcohol Poisoning in Kids

WebMD- Hand Sanitizers Poisoning More Kids

American Association of Poison Control Centers