“I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one that needed a safe, simple, natural way to get cleaned up on the go! “

– Karen Trenk, Founder

Born from the messes surrounding a young family, Karen Trenk discovered that once the “baby stuff” was no longer needed, the ability to clean kids on the go remained.

Handzies was founded with the core belief that health and happiness on the go needs to be easier and safer.

By removing the pitfalls of traditional wipes, including harsh chemicals and unplesant “doctor’s office” fragrances, a more natural and pleasantly refreshing wipe was created.

Based on it’s abitly to create a “soap and water” clean anywhere, Handzies has found a loyal following including families, active adults, and teens.

What we believe

Handzies What We Believe 1@2x

Be natural and effective
Provide a safe, simple, and natural
way to get clean anytime, anywhere.

Handzies What we Believe 2@2x

Keep ingredients “clean”
We remove alcohol or other chemicals
that could be harmful.

Handzies What We Believe 3@2x

Never test on animals
Handzies is a cruelity free product and has never
and will never be tested on animals.

Handzies What We Believe 4@2x

Be Greener
Handzies is Non-GMO. It’s made without ingredients that were derived from genetically engineered organisms.


Help protect the Earth
Handzies wipes are not only
biodegradable but also compostable.

Handzies What We Believe 6@2x

Create fans from customers
We want you to love the product
and doing business with us.

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